Our Approach

Flexible and Value-Add Capital

Our Edge

Deep Operating Experience

With three generations of experience as small business owners & operators, we offer personalized and comprehensive support our partners need. As a family business, we understand the complexities of managing different stakeholders’ perspectives and can help you navigate them. From crafting a strategic vision to providing on-the-ground support, we are equipped to help guide you through the exciting journey of running a small business.

Permanent Capital Base

As the sole investing arm of the Hadley Family Office, we have no outside providers of capital and no investment funds. With us, you have access to flexible, long-term capital with a wide mandate to support acquisition entrepreneurs without the restricting timelines of traditional fund structures. Traditional search, self-funded, equity gap, growth equity, recapitalizations, and providing liquidity are all within our scope.

Value Add Investor

Our entrepreneurs have access to the benches of management talent within our wholly-owned portfolio companies. The active leaders on our team help our entrepreneurs tackle difficult managerial challenges. Entrepreneurs also have access to our family office support resources and infrastructure, as well as our expansive advisory relationships. With us, there is always an expert ready to help with the diverse challenges you will face as an acquisition entrepreneur.

Why Hadley Family Capital?

At Hadley Family Capital, our sole mission is to help acquisition entrepreneurs succeed. We have 60+ years of small business experience as owners and operators and we use this operating experience to help our partners and their businesses grow.
We know what it’s like being an entrepreneur on day one; we’ve been there many times. Having experienced small business changes in leadership first-hand, we understand the challenges and opportunities entrepreneurs face when stepping into their new business. We are here to provide support through every stage of your entrepreneurial journey, from starting your search to crafting your own succession.

First founding building of Hadley Family Capital. Small house garage from the 60s.


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